Some design drawing practice


Here a few pics of recent sketch rendering attempts.


How to make an iPhone case: Part 1

An article I found really informative

Graft Concepts

I stared at a metro map in the Hong Kong airport trying to figure out which ticket to buy. Finding a solution, however, was tough. I was fatigued from a 14 hour flight from Los Angeles and my eyes kept glazing over, losing their way amongst the brightly colored lines. Luckily my traveling companion Peter Szucs, our lead designer at Graft Concepts, had worked in Hong Kong a few years prior and he was quite familiar with the island. Just one Airport Express and Octopus card later, and we were on our way. In a few short days, we’d meet up with fellow co-founder Danny Wen and officially start a month-long stay to oversee the early stages of manufacturing for the Leverage iPhone case.

It had been six months since we had all decided to form this company, with the intention of creating high-end accessories for mobile devices. Naively, I…

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