Design Influences

Recently I’ve started looking into different Industrial Designers and what has inspired them to create the many designs they are famous for. One designer in particular caught my attention. Jonathan Ive of Apple is someone who’s designs really interest me. Now I’ll be honest before embarking on this course my knowledge of designers would have been pretty sparce as I was more clued in on Classical Artists or Impressionist Painters and most of my interest lay in that direction but since delving into the world of design, I’ve found that world not all to different from my own.

Ive seems to be driven by a goal to seek perfection in all of his designs, it’s an obsession to him and we in the world at large benefit greatly from this one mans dedication to his craft. If you’ve ever used an Apple product you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Even other companies and rivals, tip their hats to him. Someone who was a great influence of Jonathans is Dieter Rams of Braun. He religously follows Rams 10 principles of design, claiming Apple are one of the few companies to do so.

Below you will find a link this philosophy. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.